Frequently asked Questions

This is probably the most important page you will find on the Federation Academy website! This page will answer 90% of our most common questions! If you still have questions after viewing these list of questions please send an e-mail to 

Q. What is the Cost associated with taking a course?
A. There are no tuition cost associated with the Federation Academy. The only REQUIRED courses are for officers, the rest are for fun! 

Q. Is membership required to take part in the Federation Academy?
A. YES. Since we are a branch of IFT we do require a basic enlisted membership to IFT (International Federation of Trekkers). Therefore those who are non-members may enlist by going to the following link:  (if you can't click the link copy and paste into your browser) 

Q. What do you get for each course you take?
A. For each individual course you take you get an 8X10 certificate signed by Captain Billy Williams and e-mailed to you upon completion of each course. Also, Effective July 1st 2016 (the start of the 3rd quarter) we will start having a "cadet of the Quarter" and starting Effective same date we will have a "Cadet of the Year". These two programs are designed to recognize any and all cadets who participate in the most courses throughout the quarter/year with a specialized certificate and a special reward sent directly from Captain Williams. 

Q. Can the JR. Officer's (Cadet Corps/ Under 16) Participate? 
A. YES! Any member in good standing with the Federation may participate. We are also going to be launching a special series of courses geared toward the younger Trekkies very soon! 

Q. If I have further problems or something comes up during a test who do I contact?
A. We always encourage you to use your chain of command, however you can always e-mail for any further assistance! 

Q. How do I take a Course? 
A. Once you have chosen which course you are going to take you will see a google forum that opens up. This google form is your test. Directly below this you will see an uploaded file in .PDF format. This is the test booklet. You will open the test booklet (in a separate window by right clicking or download the pdf). Read the test booklet and once you have read through everything answer the questions. Make sure to fill out the needed information on the first page first!  Once you have submitted your test it is recommended for you to e-mail to ensure we have received your test submission. 

**If you have any other questions that are not listed here please feel free to reach out to us. If you are not clear on anything listed here please get with us! Thanks again!