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SkyWarn Spotter Training

Becoming a Skywarn storm spotter is a great, exciting way to serve your community. Thought this course you will learn the basics of Spotter training. You will also learn who to call and what to do if you see things. 

Please note, We are not endorsed nor endorsing Commet MetEd for any courses other than the ones listed here. They hold all copywriter to their materials. Please do not share, print, screen shot or anything else without their written permission. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Since this course is Administerd by Commet MetEd you will need to register via their website. Once you have completed your training (please take this serious if you plan to become a spotter) then please take a screen shot or forward your certificate to Captain Williams. We will then make a certificate from the Federation. 

*Please also note, taking and passing these courses are not giving you the ability to be a storm chaser. This should only be done by trained professionals. Many folks know that Captain Williams is a certified Storm Spotter and has taken this same course and other courses via the National Weather Service. Please let the professionals be the professionals and please only report accurate information when calling the National Weather Service in your area! 

Met Ed's Skywarn Spotter Training Course  (Please click this link to begin) 


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