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The Bajorans

The Bajorans (also known by their native name, "Bajora") are a humanoid species native to the planet Bajor, in the B’hava’el system, in the Alpha Quadrant. The Bajorans have one of the oldest and richest cultures in the quadrant, though in recent history they have suffered greatly at the hands of the Cardassian Union. With their liberation from the Cardassians and the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole, the Bajorans are taking a new place as major players on the interstellar stage.  During the progress of this course, you will learn of the basic Bajoran Physiology, the history of the Bajorans starting during the Bajoran First Republic, through the Cardassian Occupation, and ending with the current status of the Bajoran people being potential Federation Members.  This course will also discuss the Bajoran religious Icons, the Prophets, and the traditions of the Bajoran.

Bajoran Final Exam

Billy Williams,
May 13, 2016, 12:58 AM